September used to be.. – Aicha Ziani


The tough weather of September intensified the gloomy atmosphere in which Aicha has been enclosed for a decade.September used to be a doorstep  and an open horizon to all life roses. It meant school and going through the ritual excellency of books and knowledge

Aicha was highly acclaimed by her teachers throughout her school years. She was always at the head of classes at all grades. She studied with rapt attention. 16 years of great efforts culminated in the wanted diploma; a BA degree that might pave the way to all wishes. She  felt at the zenith of her expectations. The doorway was widely opened. She was on the verge of fulfilling her dreams and ornamenting her social status.

The summer of that year constructed the bedrock to a well designed future of an English teacher. Aicha did all her best in preparing for the competitive examination. It was required that candidates should have at least the average of 240 scores during the four years of university studies . Fortunately, she had more than that.

The coming September,the doorstep of autumn to get  ready for  plowing, was that unforgettable. It was her first time to go to Fes and then to Rabat to participate in a teaching contest settled by the ministry. You can’t imagine the extent of suffering she felt every September. Travelling didn’t mean enjoyment and satisfaction. Travelling ,for her, designated but boredom and bitterness. All her dreams  fell through. Like a butterfly she got her fragile wings broken repeatedly each September which became a nightmare that threatened her psychological stability. The situation remained for years and Aicha didn’t surrender.

There was a flame of hope that empowered her each time she was disappointed. There was a whisper that kept her heart chanting and vibrating: sooner or later  you would be blessed with happiness just keep on the good work. September would flourish again with blossoms . It would raise the flag highly on the sky of success.

September, the most wanted one  came at last. Aicha took the road, travelling finally as a teacher and enjoyed the world of schools.


عن Belouali

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