Created under the aegis of the Moroccan poet Ahmed HADRAOUI, from the Oujda region, the Euro-Arab Literary Café in Brussels has become in such a short time an extremely wide range of quality cultural, philosophical and literary activities.
Note that since its foundation, it has continued to multiply appointments under the watchful eye of the director and poet HADRAOUI and his collaborators.
It is for purely cultural and artistic purposes that the Café works unceasingly to give the floor to Moroccans, Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians and other nationalities of East and West. This cultural event, which takes place on the first Saturday of each month, welcomes all artists and men of letters, whatever their confessions, without preference or discrimination, and this under the emblem of Love, Peace and Tolerance.
Mr. HADRAOUI and his friends, work diligently to make every meeting a historic event in the world of culture, in partnership with the Center V.O.E.M.
At the last meeting of October 6, 2018, each of the guests was able to express themselves, present their work and share their experience, all in a remarkable atmosphere and mutual respect.
The two main speakers of the latter Café littéraire were Professor Mohammed KANNOUF from GERMANY and the poet and writer Yahya CHEIKH from FRANCE. They discussed a very important subject, namely: “Moroccan Culture: State of Play” (in Arabic), followed by a constructive debate.
In the program, the place was also wide enough for women poets, including Habiba, Somaya, Aouatif and Rihab, and for the Syrian Thoraya Althorkomani who delighted the audience with her beautiful voice resuming classical Arabic songs.
Through this diversity, the Literary Café has brilliantly enlarged its audience beyond the borders of BELGIUM.
Note that the ARAB World carefully follows the debates of Arab intellectuals in the land of immigration through the newspaper

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