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The bewildered – Amina Sanhaji

Behold that bewildered without color!
It is fumbling for its mirrored name.
Alas, all the mirrors have disposed of their polished mask
and stripped it of its kind naivety!

Behold that iterative out of mystification!
It revolves within a stone cold question
Whenever the salvation thread wraps around its yearning ,
It scatters into shaggy featured illusion

Witness that beholder of destiny with nostalgic eyes!
The world has ceased luring it.
Time has turned into gray silence.
The sky has become a smile
With a slender nurturance

Behold that bewildered!
Whenever it speaks,
Mirrors run deep into the abyss of indecision
And despair infiltrates into the forelock of expectation.
Yes whenever it speaks,
Friendliness shrivels inside the palm of rituals
And the longing becomes stiff.

What a silly image dragging a chimera story!
What an ephemeral moment chewing the imploration of temptation!
What a bewildered heart when casting its passion upon coldness again and again!


Translated by Abou Salah

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