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Nargis Omran ـــ The moon’s head

When he woke up the night
On the noise
From the whisper of stars
And the moon of the moon is ours
In a plexus of light
The cheeks of the month were included
Suhad was attacked
in no time
who are you…?
O drowning in good
Even the moon’s head
I wore the beauty spectrum
I will recite the beauty after you
……… and lacked

Scribble flutter
In a sensation attack
Adoration announced
On the rug of the Spirit
And fig Nirvana
In the wrist of self committed suicide
It is the alphabet of the embers
Walla systems hair hangers
to be
A sea inhabited by wine
Or be a dream boy
Which rips dreams
……. attended

So shorten the speech
What opens with a whisper or a look
And he killed his perfume
Before it is resurrected in the aorta
Before the limit is set
With a loud voice
In a mad sense
Lest we be preceded by him
This or that breeze
Let’s apply the sincerity of feeling
Covert lips concealment
To crush Gemra in Vienna
What he wanted to believe … criticism
The candle’s eye is blooming
And blinded the sight of lights
If you do
In the same darkness
Declaring the right to boast


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